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You have exhausted your time and energy dabling around online looking for the easiest means to make Money Online!

 Is’nt  it enough time to learn the proper ways to achieve this?

5 years ago. I was still trying to figure out how the hell people make money online. And of course you know what that means.

Jumping from one program to another program hoping to finally get my hand on the cash code


Watching tons of YouTube video to learn the best and easiest method to create passive income.

Fell victim of different Ponzi-schemes that finally crashed

And the result?

Just burnout,

wasted my energy and time with my hard earned money

So if you’re like me some  years ago, still trying to figure out how this stuff work.

I want to tell you the secret now, right here, without asking for your dime.

Even though you’ve spent tons of money for this secret to success online but still haven’t gotten it.

Listen to this.

If you have been into different programs but still not getting results yet, learn this…

The program is not the problem. The guru is still not the issue here

The main missing ingredient is your ability to sell.

To earn legitimately online, you MUST have something to sell and you must have a less complicated system to sell.


You can’t cope out by transferring your responsibility to sell to someone else, ala, “do it for me” or think other people will make you rich by “helping” ala MMM. 


Don’t be dumb. You do not “make money online” in a literal sense. You do so by offering something of value, a product or service, in exchange for money


You must choose something real, something that can grow and you must have the discipline/patience to learn and  work to grow it.


There are many things that goes into selling, but it all boils down to giving value first to make people trust you with their money and crafting a mouth watering offer around your core product.

Once you learn that, block out all the noise and focus on one platform to generate traffic.

That’s the secret FRIEND

Okay, Okay, okay…..I know you don’t like to sell, but the truth is that you can’t afford not to!

You either sell or be sold

But, you don’t need to worry. I can help you out here..

Intoducing The Digital-income Fast track system 

I WANT to show you the 3 simple process I have used to make my first 200k online selling digital tools without p proven way to start generating 100k-1M per month from the comfort of your room even if you had no business idea.


The same online income streams that has worked for me and few other individuals like you 


This is not for you if you are not ready to put in any effort or make any investment. All business requires serious effort to achieve results.

This is also not for you if you don’t share the same dreams as me

Look at my dreams

I can’t achieve those dreams without earning more legitimately.

That’s why I’m always on the look out for friends who share the same dreams with me.

I mean those who wants life above the average.

I’m talking about those who wants to earn more so that they can help more and be more.

If you are such person, I have done the work for you by packagig my 10 years experience inside a box for you to jumpstart your success online.

 so, you won’t be ѕtrugglіng to gеt a ѕаlаrу job and totally dependant on other people durіng tоugh tіmеѕ? 


you will be able to create a ѕtеаdу source оf income for yourself so that уоu can hаvе mental реасе аnd a fееlіng of ѕаfеtу аnd ѕесurіtу 

you will be able to establish a Business model you can run from anywhere, anytime and anyhow? 

Who’s this training for?


This is a 27 Pages PDF Guide which discuses:


TOTAL VALUE N50,000 ($100)



Sodiq Olajide Ahmed is a 7-figure internet entrepreneur, A Muslim tutor and online business coach. He’s the founder of Sob digital Solutions and positively impacts hundreds of lives in Nigeria and abroad through his life-changing contents online.



Right from my undergraduate days AROUND 2008, I had always loved to be a digital entrepreneur.⁣

I learnt about different online business opportunities on success digest magazine then.

I so much craved for a business that will set me up for FINANACIAL Freedom

TIME Freedom and LOCATION freedom. ⁣

A business I can run from anywhere, anytime and anyhow was my dream.⁣

I initially dabbled into different Ponzi schemes which almost tarnished my image⁣ and recked my pocket.

My aspiration to earn a living online was almost cut short in 2012 when I was duped 20k by an unsuspecting internet fraudstar who claimed to be an Affiliate marketing guru.⁣

He BOMBARDED my inbox with emails with lots of earning claims from Clickbank.⁣

He promised to help me set up an automated Affiliate marketing business with Clickbank AFFILITAE NETWORK but ended up defrauding me.

Thereafter, I lost hope in internet marketing and since then, I have always regarded any online business opportunity as a scam. ⁣

However, My wife was a person who also loves to work from home. She was so dedicated to learning digital marketing but I never supported her.⁣

Later on, when things became so thight.

I became sick and broke as private school teacher.

 My debt also SKYROCKETED.

All the offline businesses I tried to set up as a side hustle also crushed due to my weak health. 

By 2018 I decided to focus on my dream job again. ⁣

I bought into different courses trying to do many online business model at a time ⁣

I wanted to surprise my wife in no time but it was all in vain.

Fast forwarded to 2019, I have mastered some high income digital skills I can use to promote any business online

I also paid for a mentorship program which showed me the road map to thrive online


My One-Week Results Using my high income digital skills to  sell info product online as an Affiliate Marketer!

I Got Paid N20,000 for ONE Week’s Work!

The following month, I was able to 10x my revenue.


6 months later, I became a digital marketing wizard; earning from both local and foreign Clients.

I have discovered more income streams online and finnally fired boss.

My wife was so surprised of my tremendous growth.⁣

In no time, I was able to settle all my DEBTS. WORKING FROM HOME.

My health has also improved tremendously because I had enough time to rest due to my freedom business.


Now, earn more as a Digital Marketing Consultant and online Business coach. This high income skills attracts high paying clients to me that I could charge as much as 200k+ for 

Recurring Payment from one of  online Coaching clients 

A one time payment by a client for a complete Done For You online  Business Set-up   N150,000 !

For those who can’t afford my premium fee on SALES Funnel building. they rushed my funnel Templates for N20,000!  made 6 Figures in 2 weeks selling Just Funnel Templates 

People also rushed my low-ticket course home and abroad N5,000  ($10)!

He Made $120 in a week selling an info product online after getting my course

He got more clarity from my guide and made more money online within a Month

She discovered a gold mine to Dig into in her Online Business after reading My Book

Let’s Meet other students and my colleagues who are making various 6 to 7 Figure Incomes OnlineUsing my Guide and Proven Strategies!

My student  Samuel Got Paid N135,000in a week as an Affiliate!

My student samuel recommending me to others here!

Listen to what some other students and internet Marketers have to say about me!

After Payment, WHAT NEXT…

When you click on the buy Now now button, You will be redirected to a Payment gateway (  where you make a Payment of N1200 or it’s equivalent in your currency. after which you will get access to the download page of the Book and the N50,000 worth of Bonuses

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At the Bottom page of the Ebook, You will find the link to our Free support group. you should click and join the group and connect with me and other Experts for further guide in your online journey.

After Reading the Book, You should be able to:

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That’s right. All you need to do is to email me  AT SUPPORT@SOBDIGITALS.COM with your receipt with the title “Refund Please :)” and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked. Or send your complain to the Payment Gateway ( within 24hrs of Purchase and you shall be refunded. …No hurts feeling.

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Name: Ahmed Sodiq  Olajide

After Payment: Send Proof ( a screenshot of your payment and email) to my Whatsapp Number to get a download link: 07081546427

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