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Dear Friend Listen to me!!!

Are you are Business owner, Worker, Unemployed, stay at home mum or someone looking for ways to make money online

if you answered Yes to any of the questions above, this will be the best post you’ill ever read today…

I know you are a victim of this Sins i will be listing below…

but before I share the Sins you have been committing with you, hear this before it is too late..

‼️ One Reason Why You Got Stuck Trying to Make Money Online is because you follow the crowd by ignoring  the simple path and going for the complex ones.


You see, when it comes to making money online, Most people like you  try to reinvent the wheel, By following  the Hard and complicated path online.


They start by:

  1. 1Building websites
  2. 2Building funnels
  3. 3Running paid traffic
  4. 4Branding products
  5. 5They buy different courses
  6. 6They are always looking for the shinning sydrome
  7. 7Building email lists, etc.  

The heartbreaking part is..

After doing all this things,  they will still get stuck finally..


This is what is making you loose the little money you have and at the end you think that it’s not possible to make money online.

my beloved ! Don’t get things too complicated because on a normal sense it is not.


let me tell you this before it is too late…

The reason why you are not making money here online is because someone has not Revealed to you the Secret Formula..

And i know you have been doing it your own way

Because to you that’s how things works here online.

why not Come let me show you the simple way.


You dont need to go  through the stress listed above before you can make money online..

You only need to leverage on what you already have.


and that is?


Your Facebook profile..yes you heard me right…

You can turn your facebook profile  into a powerful Cash vomiting  machine if only you know how to.


I call it the” Facebook profile Profit formula”

With this Formula you can access other countries and they will beg you to collect their money 

What is the facebook profile Profit formula?

The Facebook Profile Profits Formula is a counterintuitive approach to Building a Hyper Profitable “Freedom” Business, that allows you to land clients, build authority and generate sales without relying on expensive advertising.

You achieve this by turning your Facebook Profile into a machine that captures leads & generates sales without runing any paid advertisement.

And as a result…this free’s you up to live a life of financial freedom, time freedom & location freedom 

I Wonder how quickly you are going to grab this facebook profile Profit formula!!


Affiliate Funnel Templates: sold more than 20 copies for 20k ($50) in 2 weeks


Low ticket course buyers: still selling on on automaton via Fb Profie funnel

Medium Ticket sales via connected via Fb messenger 

here are the simple five formular I and other expert Internet Marketers have been using to generate crazy Amount of sales without paying a dime on adverts.

 👉Formula #1- How to hack the Facebook algorithm to gain more visibility online even with little friend list.

👉 Formula #2-The ultimate system to optimize your profile for free quality leads and more sales

👉Formula ₦3- The magnetic buyers’ attraction formula to keep closing high ticket sales…

👉 Formula #4- The quick Hack To Generate unlimited viral content to command authority and engage your audience and MONITIZE them.

👉 Formula #5 How To automate your organic marketing and get back your time and many more…

The Best Part Is, Once It’s Set up… 

You Can Drive On Demand TrafficFrom Your Smartphone!

(Just By Interacting On Social Media…Which Is Fun To Do Anyway!)

In other  to help you…

I have taken my time, money and resources to put together a step by step Ebook and video tutorial that will teach you How to apply the Facebook Profile Profit Formula.

This facebook Profile profit formula is an Interactive ebook and a video training blueprint that shows you how to “hack” your facebook profiles to sell more of your products & services online and build you a list of raving fans…In  NO-TIME!

Enjoy the following Bonus when you get this “facebook profile profit formula ” before the countdown



Free Access to an automation Tool That automatically turns your messenger into a mini CRM

It can add newest Member of any group as friends 

Sends a custom greetings to them 

Tags them with colour codes in the messenger and gives you

ability to create canned messages and keep notes on Prospects 

$497 value



Messenger script to build rapport with prospects inside the messenger and turn them to warm leads andMessenger Framework to close high ticket sales. $157 value



100 viral post templates you can remold and start getting massive engagment online Valued $97



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life-time access to me via the Messenger and WhatsApp. $500 value



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Free Access to my Mentorship group where you get continous support till you stat getting your desired results valued $497

please note…

I am not saying you should not do paid advertisment

The question is…

Do you have the money and resources needed for paid advertisement?

As a start up businesss can you take the losses that comes with testing  when running paid advertisement?

Can you cope with the change in algorithm  of these giant social media?

Take for example the new IOS 14 Update that has left most facebook advertisers in confusion

My dear friend how soon will you get this facebook profile profit formula that will change your business and save you lot of money you would’ve been  spending on paid advert!!

The truth is…

I was planning on selling this facebook profile formula for  N100,000.00, Because  the total worth of the course plus the bonus is more than that.

By Lowering The Price To 10,000  It Allows Me To Impact More People And Help Them Achieve Financial Freedom

I consider that a true win/win…

Also in most cases, I take a loss when selling this blueprint at this price.

So why would I do that?

Simple. I’m making this offer with the idea that you’ll be very impressed with what I’m giving you today, and you’ll want to do more business with me in the future.

I’m betting that you’ll enjoy the book and the videos so much, you’ll call and ask to take additional classes or trainings from me.

Pretty straightforward.

Anyway – with all of that said, this is a limited offer.



The result of  Dany Skull; a friend and business Coach who

made $30k just in 2 months 

100% Money Back GuaranteeTry the ENTIRE THING risk free! If you don’t absolutely love the facebook profile profit formula Blueprint, I’ll refund your 5,000 and even let you have access to the ebook and videos.That’s right. All you need to do is to email me with your receipt with the title “Refund Please :)” and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.You have 30 days from the date of purchase to request it …No hurts feeling

Sound fair?

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal:

I want to show you how to “hack” your facebook profiles to generate leads & sales for your business on auto-pilot.

There’s no catch… no gimmicks… You will NOT be signing up for any “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don’t love the ebook and the videos – I’ll even give you a full refund PLUS let you keep the blueprint!

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Who’s this training for?

If you have 0 tech skill or marketing experience… Then is for you.

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And you need to start closing high ticket sales without spending a fortune on running adverts  Perfect! this is for you.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the courses, and information overload that is going on right now? Cool, I’ll tell you exactly what to do, in a simple way to get results

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